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Daily obedience training

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What is a Day-School? Daily Enrichment, Obedience Training, & More!

  • 24+ Commands Taught Over 3+ Months
  • Daily lessons including enrichment, manners and dog obedience training
  • Personalized plans for Parent and Dog
  • Generalized, real world socialization
  • Low staff to dog ratio for undivided attention and care

Health and safety

At Partners, the health and safety of your dog are our highest priority. We verify the vaccinations of each dog that comes to the school, have the strictest cleaning procedures of any facility in the valley, and include Pet CPR and Health training for all of our team members.  

Obedience, Manners, and Temperament Tests

We take great care to ensure that every dog that comes into DaySchool is able to interact and play appropriately with the other guests. We group dogs by play style, size, and energy in order to create a positive experience for all. Of course, if our team does notice any inappropriate behavior, we will recommend training and behavior modification (at additional cost) to better prepare them for DaySchool.

Lowest ratios
Highly Experienced Staff

Many Daycare facilities group 20-50 dogs to one person and incorporate minimal training for their team members. This creates a stressful, dangerous environment for dogs and staff alike. At Partners, we maintain a 10:1 Dog to Trainer ratio and train our team rigorously to recognize and address complex dog behaviors, as well as deal with any emergencies calmly and effectively.

Services and membership options

We have many different service options such as training, treadmill, grooming, and more for our DaySchool dogs. We also incorporate a membership model for our DaySchool dogs in order to maintain consistency and ensure we are meeting goals from a training and manners perspective.

Not sure what program is best?
We Can help!

About Our Doggy Daycare in Phoenix

Is your dog getting the exercise, training, socialization, and mental stimulation they need? Bring your dog to Partners Doggy Daycare for a fun-filled, active day and bring home a happy and pooped-out pooch! Partners Doggy Daycare is a safe, entertaining, and nurturing experience. We combine both dog and human interaction with special games to create a powerful, educational experience for all. Our large indoor and outdoor play areas allow for a spacious place to run off that energy while providing a place to relax and stay cool!

Step 1


  • Once your assessment is scheduled, we will send you access to our Pet Parent Portal in order to verify vaccinations and update information on you and your dog.
  • Then, you’ll drop off your dog for the scheduled assessment and we will begin our assessment process. 
  • Over the course of the day (4+ hours) we will gauge their play style, obedience, and temperament in order to provide a program recommendation at pick-up.
  • From there, you will purchase the recommended program membership and set up any additional training for your dog.

Step 2

Dayschool training

  • Next, you will bring your dog back for DaySchool.
  • Throughout the day we will incorporate training, socialization, and enrichment activities in order to make progress with their obedience, manners, and temperament.
  • Each dog is different, and we will work with you to establish goals and set a path to achieve them!
  • At the end of each day, you will receive a report card including what was worked on, what to maintain at home, and which furry friends they played with that day. 
  • Occassionaly we even include pictures and videos of their day!

Step 3

Progress checks and updates

  • Periodically, we will check in with you and re-evaluate our goals and ensure we are still on track to achieve them.
  • This will also give you time to understand the training more and what to maintain at home.
  • We will also discuss any equipment recommendations, and other programs you can partake in to continue the progress of your relationship together.
  • Remember, at Partners, our mission is to give every dog and their Pet Parent a thorough education that leads to a life-long delightful relationship. With DaySchool, each dog receives personalized care aligned with the goals of the family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Age/Breed Restrictions?

There is a minimum age requirement of 20 weeks which allows time to develop immune systems. There is no maximum age and we accommodate all dogs, sizes, breeds, and temperaments!

Does my dog have to be spayed/neutered?

We do not require dogs to be spayed or neutered. However, we do ask that dogs “In-Heat” are kept home until complete. Additionally, we do correct and redirect any humping behaviors, and may remove the dog from DaySchool until further training is completed.

What does my dog's day look like?

At Partners DaySchool, we make sure to give your pup the best possible day. We typically group dogs by play style, temperament, and where they are in their training journey with us. We will rotate throughout the day between Training, Recess, Treadmill, Potty, and Rest time.  This gives your dog plenty of opportunities for play, socialization, training, mental stimulation, and more! We want to maintain a well-rounded and balanced day that not only conditions well-mannered pups but ensures they are drained by the end of the day when you come to take them home!

What vaccinations are required?

Due to the large number of dogs we work with each year, we maintain the strictest cleaning, sanitation, and vaccination protocols of any pet care facility. We require Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper/Parvo vaccination for ALL dogs that enter any of our facilities. We can verify this directly with your vet, records can be uploaded into your Pet Parent Portal, or you’re welcome to email them to us. All vaccinations must be given at least 1 week prior to coming to one of our facilities. Dogs recently rescued must be at home for at least 30 days prior to coming to one of our facilities. Dogs showing any infectious symptoms must remain at home and be clear of symptoms for at least a week prior to returning to one of our facilities. For any further questions please see our Staying Healthy Agreement in your Pet Parent Portal or contact one of our Guest Support Team Members.

Where are the DaySchool locations?

Our Scottsdale Location is at 8642 E Shea Blvd. Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Just off of Shea and the 101 in the Pima Crossing Center.

Our Cave Creek Location is at 4640 E Forest Pleasant Place, Cave Creek, AZ 85331. 10 minutes north of the 101 and Cave Creek Rd.

What are the DaySchool Hours?

Mon-Fri: 7am-6pm

Saturday: 8am-4pm

Sunday: Closed

How do you handle special diets or medications?

You are welcome to bring your own food and feeding instructions for your dog. In DaySchool, we typically will use any food in training or enrichment. If your dog does have any food allergies please let us know and write it in your Pet Parent Portal.

Is the cost worth it?

In the same way, one would send their child to school, where professional educators are entrusted with their care, dog owners enroll their pups in school, where professional trainers achieve the best results. Is it worth it? Of course! As long as you are a part of the process as well.

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